“I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be treated by Sabrina and Connie. As an MS patient having issues with my muscular-skeletal system, they were able to help me maintain an active lifestyle through the therapy they provided. I would rate them better than excellent. Their compassionate care for mind and body provided me with reassurance.”
– Mark H.

“I have suffered from migraines and neck problems for the last 10-15 years. After seeing Sabrina, I have been free from migraines now for almost 4 months. This has never happened before! I am SO thankful to the Lord for using Sabrina to minister to me in the ways He knew I needed to be healed. Thank you, Sabrina, for being an instrument of healing to me and so many other grateful people! You are a blessing and a treasure!”
-Carol C.

“Over the last year, Sabrina has made more progress with my back pain than 10 other kinds of treatments, and on top of that, she is always a positive ray of sunshine in my week! Thanks to Sabrina for being my miracle deliver-er! I only wish I had found her before my fusion surgery because I might not have needed it!”
-Jeana N.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Dynamics of Healing.
Sabrina is very talented. Made me very comfortable. Addressed not only my pain but its connection to self-perception and mindset. She has undoubtedly improved the quality of my life. Highly recommend.
If you’re struggling with pain and having trouble finding solace within your own skin, a visit to Sabrina and the gang at Dynamics of Healing could bring a glimmer of light to the darkness of living with chronic pain.”
-Eric S.

“I have seen Connie and she has done wonders for my constant shoulder pain. I was to the point of having trouble sleeping and now I’m back playing volleyball, skiing, and doing all kinds of things without pain. Very grateful that we found Dynamics of Healing!”
-Dan D.

“Thank you everyone for your expert care of myself and several of my family members at Dynamics of Healing, you all ROCK!”
-Peter T.

“Sabrina and Connie are life changers for sure! We are so lucky to have them in Burlington part-time!”
-Dana R.

“I have seen Sabrina and Connie on a regular basis over the years, especially. golf season. Should probably see them more often they’re fantastic.”
-Rob A.

“Both Sabrina and Connie have helped me tremendously, not only physically, but also emotionally. I had back issues and shoulder issues to be addressed and they did a wonderful job fixing me up. Connie tells me “it’s all connected”. I have referred many people and I was also referred to them by a friend. They are the best.”
-Joyce P.

“All the staff at Dynamics of Healing make you feel comfortable and explain what needs to be worked on. I felt 100 percent just after my first appointment. They are the best. I highly recommend them.”
-Donald P.

“My daughter loves Sabrina. She has been able to help her issues go away.”
-Tanya E.

“Sabrina has helped me tremendously with my neck..had bad whiplash and with my TMJ…when my kids were younger, they would come with me to my appointments…Sabrina is affectionately known as the “neck doctor” in our family. God has blessed her with talent.”
-Marjia W.

“My appointments are never just about the physical aspect. Emotional support and understanding are equally as important and needed. Thank you!”
-Mona S.

“I cannot praise Sabrina and Connie enough! A large cyst in my spine is inoperable which sits on my nerves making it very painful to walk. Their “magical” hands relieve the pressure of the cyst, which in turn relieves my pain and I can walk. I am so blessed to have them in my life. I always feel better after my appointment, pain wise and emotionally.”
-Michelle D.