What can I expect on my first visit?

Your initial appointment will combine assessment time along with generous treatment time so you can begin feeling relief from your symptoms. We will listen carefully to your concerns and fully explain our findings and intended treatment approach. Expect to be here about an hour and please wear loose, comfortable clothing such as sweatpants, pajama pants or shorts. Jeans are like body armor – they limit mobility and our ability to fully help you.

What is the cost of the treatment?

  • New patient evaluation              $75
  • 30-minute treatment                 $55
  • 60-minute  treatment                $110
  • Package deal                                three 1-hr visits for $300

How long is each session and how long will I need treatments?

Treatments plans vary with each individual. Sessions will range from 30-60 minutes.

What should I expect after treatment?

Resolution of your symptoms! But until then, you may have periods of soreness as we return you to natural alignment.

Am I going to be in treatment forever?

Nope! Our average person spends 3-6 visits with us. Some people find the results so rewarding they continue to seek periodic care for further improvements.

What if my situation involves a work injury or legal matter?

We recommend you seek treatment elsewhere as referred to you by your doctor to support your legal matter. We will gladly see you after your case is settled. If you are currently a patient at Dynamics of Healing and sustain an injury that results in litigation, we will suspend your care until your case settles.

Which clinician is best to fix my problem?

Sabrina and Connie graduated from the same PT school. They worked in the same outpatient settings. They attended the same continuing education classes. They both left corporate healthcare at the same time. They designed the current treatment approach together. The only thing different is their personalities. Connie laughs with you. Sabrina cries with you.

This sounds great! How do I get started?

Call our office at 414-764-2871 to schedule your initial evaluation. Our friendly staff with be happy to assist you. Please arrive 10 minutes early to your first appointment to do some light paperwork. You can download the forms below and bring them completed to your first appointment (sleep in those extra 10 minutes!) or they are available at the front desk when you arrive.