Our Staff

Sabrina and Connie earned Masters of Physical Therapy degrees from Concordia University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As required by the state of Wisconsin, they completed numerous continuing education courses during their time as licensed physical therapists (1999-2015) and (2001-2015), respectively. This course work was mostly attained through the Institute of Physical Arts (instituteofphyicalart.com). This course work included:

Foundations which focused on soft tissue restriction identification and release of those restrictions.

Functional Mobilization I & II instruction in advanced mobilizations of soft tissue and identification of joint restrictions and necessary techniques to improve joint mobility.

Cervical Thoracic Integration focused on how the cervical and thoracic region integrate. Identification of restrictions in these areas that limit mobility and how to mobilize them using hands-on techniques. 

Lumbo-pelvic Integration focused on how the lumbar and pelvic regions integrate. Identification of restrictions in these areas that limit mobility and how to mobilize them using hands-on techniques.

Functional Gait focused on identifying restrictions in different areas of the body that influence faulty gait patterns. 

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation focused on restoring normal movement patterns to different areas of the body using neuromuscular patterns. 

Functional Mobilization Upper Quadrant focused on the identification of faulty movement patterns in the upper body, the causes, and the hands-on techniques to correct the joint and soft tissue restrictions that limit this region’s function. 

Functional Mobilization Lower Quadrant focused was the same as Functional Mobilization of Upper Quadrant but applied to the lower body. 

Back Education Training focused on body mechanics training and proper movement patterns to limit future injury to the back. Includes education and training of exercises to facilitate the movement patterns. 

Spine I through the University of St Augustine utilizing Stanley Paris’ technique in improving spine mobility through direct joint mobilization. 

In 2015, Sabrina and Connie chose not to renew their physical therapy state licenses in order to practice as complementary and alternative medicine practitioners. They are not practicing under a healthcare license granted by the state of Wisconsin.

Sabrina Eder

After Sabrina Eder graduated from PT school in 1999, she worked in corporate healthcare, but soon learned money and bureaucracy superseded the patient’s needs. She started her own outpatient PT clinic in 2006, which focused entirely on the patient’s needs to restore their quality of life.

The clinic was highly successful at resolving patients’ problems, but insurance rules, regulations, and reimbursement threatened the survival of the clinic, as well as the care patients could receive. Insurance companies determined what was best for the patient, regardless of the doctor’s or therapist’s input. This was unacceptable.

In 2015 Sabrina made a bold move to re-create a practice that was entirely focused on the patient’s individual needs without interference from insurance companies or standard pain protocols (such as core exercises, braces, injections, stretches, pain medication or nerve inhibitors).

Restructuring as an alternative healthcare facility was challenging, but necessary to provide the care Sabrina knew was needed to restore the individual to a pain-free life. It took several years, but the dream was attained and now her clientele includes PTs, occupational therapists, speech therapists, chiropractors, dentists, MDs, RNs and their family members. She is viewed by many as an expert in treating chronic pain patterns, but what is truly important to her is that you get better.

Empathy does not begin to describe Sabrina’s heart for your situation. She has an uncanny ability to put herself in your position and intimately understand your pain as if it were her own. She will never stop fighting for you to be freed from your pain, and when you are healed, she will cry and celebrate with you over your success.

On a personal side, Sabrina has many interests and finds joy in any activity. She is active in cycling, kayaking and archery, but has also dabbled in ballroom dance, mixed martial arts, and motorcycles. She loves to experience new things even more, now that her daughter has graduated.

Connie Perry

When Connie Perry started working as a staff physical therapist for large healthcare systems, she quickly realized the system’s priorities were not her own. Their priorities were productivity and a healthy bottom line – all at the expense of quality care. It was common practice for an outpatient physical therapist to be pulled from her current caseload to work in other departments that were struggling to meet their numbers. This left Connie’s patients to be treated by lesser-skilled assistants or other therapists unfamiliar with the patients’ problems. In the process, Connie’s patients suffered. This quality and continuity of care was not at a level Connie deemed acceptable or appropriate.

Frustrated by the healthcare systems’ procedures and grieved by the poor treatment of her patients, in 2008 she joined the Dynamics team. Here she was able to treat patients in a manner that resulted in excellent outcomes and high patient satisfaction. She is truly passionate about the care her patients receive and strives to find a resolution to their pain. However, what stands out most, as noted by her patients, is her joyful disposition and the calming sense of peace they experience while under her care. Not only is she highly successful in removing patients’ pain, but they also note a positive change in their stress levels, which is undoubtedly the result of the joy and peace that is felt throughout the entire clinic – all because of Connie.

On the personal side, Connie’s love is her three adult children. When she is not spending time with them, you will find her outdoors. She loves to hike, snowshoe, bike, kayak, camp, and read a good book on her patio. It is an unusual day to find her alone, because people clamor to spend time with her.

Luann Purdy

Luann Purdy joined the Dynamics team in 2020 during the Covid Pandemic. Her strong faith and positive disposition fit into the clinic seamlessly. She has a heart for people and is one of the most empathetic people you will ever meet. She has the uncanny ability to remember someone after only a brief encounter – the exact person necessary to take your calls and answer your questions. She is experienced in healthcare, hospitality, ministry, and has a passion for alternative medicine. It pains her to see people suffer and she knows there are more options for healing than going to the doctor and taking a pill.

If one word could describe Luann, it is “peaceful.” Nothing rattles her or upsets her. She operates at a constant level of calmness. She attributes this to her faith and understanding that God is in control.

On the personal side, you will find Luann and her husband Bryn up north at their cabin on the weekends. You will never find them alone – adult children and their significant others, friends, family, friends and more friends are always in their presence. Large meals, large gatherings, complete acceptance, and a lot of fun is what you will experience when you know Luann.

We look forward to meeting you. Do not hesitate to call. It is our pleasure to care for you in your time of need.