Trista, Connie, Sabrina, Quinn

The Dynamics of Healing team has one goal – to help everyone have the highest quality of life possible. We provide direct one-on-one healing every visit to ensure quality care and to offer support and encouragement in your recovery. We understand that the source of pain is not the same for everyone, therefore your treatment is specific to your needs.

Sabrina Eder: Sabrina received her Master’s in Physical Therapy in 1999. During her years of experience utilizing a hands-on approach treating the physical therapy population, she developed a passion for people suffering from chronic pain and conditions of unknown origin. In her work, she found that helping and providing relief for someone suffering from chronic pain and conditions of unknown origin became her passion, but healthcare changes limited her ability to treat the entire person. She left her career as a physical therapist and, through prayer and dedication, she developed the current style of healing. It brings her great joy to be able to offer these services to any and all that are in need.

Connie Perry: Connie would like to live in a world of puppies and rainbows.  Her positive outlook and joyful personality are what draws people to her.  She mixes this with compassion and extensive experience to help people heal from their pain.  Connie earned her Masters Degree in Physical Therapy in 2001.  She chose this branch of the medical field as a result of a serious back injury she sustained in her mid twenties.  This led to lengthy doctor appointments, uncomfortable medical tests, surgical recommendations and second opinions.  She went from a healthy young adult to being debilitated by pain that affected her job, family, hobbies and finances.  She understands suffering and the mental frustration that often accompanies physical pain. This path of injury, however, was truly a blessing in disguise as it led her into the world of physical therapy.  After a full recovery, she pursued a career in rehabilitation and worked in several corporate settings as an outpatient physical therapist.  She has been at Dynamics of Healing since 2008 and enjoys tremendously working one-on-one with people.  The only thing missing is puppies, but Quinn is close.  As for the rainbows …

Trista Vnuk: Trista is a great asset to our center. Her faith journey has led her to a place where she effectively assists many  who feel “stuck” in their spiritual life. She utilizes her gifts of imagery and her close relationship with the Holy Spirit to guide you peacefully and calmly toward the area of your life where fear or falsehoods keep you from going. You are never forced to progress along your path unless you think it is right. Trista is available by appointment only. Feel free to schedule an appointment.