The Dynamics of Healing team is passionate about your physical recovery and your emotional needs as well. We provide direct one-on-one healing every visit to ensure quality care and to offer support and encouragement in your recovery.

Sabrina Eder


Sabrina received her Master of Physical Therapy degree in 1999.   Her time in corporate healthcare was instrumental in her opening a clinic where your needs are priority. Professionals from many areas of healthcare seek her for treatment. This includes MD’s, physical, occupational, and speech therapists, dentists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and their family members. Her diligence in finding the solution to your condition, combined with her exceptional skills and compassion, equate to excellent outcomes.   Sabrina is not just all work and no play. Biking, archery, ballroom dancing, and kayaking are just some of the many activities she enjoys.

Connie Perry

Connie earned her Master of Physical Therapy degree in 2001.  Whereas, her corporate healthcare experience was baseline to developing her skills, her passion for true healing propelled her to a higher level of treatment standards.  Although Connie is revered as a leader in her profession, her heart for people is what you first notice.  If your interests include outdoor activities, games, travel or a good book, you will not be short on conversation.

Trista Vnuk


Trista is the face of the office.  She exudes empathy and acceptance for everyone.  This is evident in your first interaction with her.  Her warmth and vitality are contagious. Around Trista you will never feel like an outsider. Trista’s pastimes include family, friends, camping and decorating.