Such a strange occurrence, leap year. So many hours in a day, month, year and yet still some slip through the cracks. So many so, that there needs to be an extra day added every four years to make up the difference. Smarter minds than mine thought that up! I still have a hard time figuring it out even 45 years into my life. (Yep! I just gave away my age – don’t tell.)

What will you be doing with your extra day today? I am going to where my heart is. Long ago, Dynamics of Healing, and the mission to help people, stole my heart. The more I am at the clinic, the more I want to be at the clinic. There is a peacefulness there that allows me to see and think clearly. I look forward to, and cherish every moment I spend there. I know that when I am there, it is where God meant for me to be. I never knew that I had such a love for my fellow man, and helping my fellow man, until I saw how many people were hurting and needed help. My eyes lost their blinders at Dynamics of Healing. I thank God and pray daily that I will not lose my drive to help others.

I found where I belong, but U BELONG there too!



Do you have stiffness? Headaches? Numbness? Restricted movement?


Maybe you would just like to run better? Garden more? Play with your grandkids? Could it be that you would just like to walk to the end of the block without taking a break along the way?

That is what Dynamics is for!!

Since my first blog post I have had many questions about what we do and how it works. Each person is different, so it is very hard to describe how it works, but I’ll give it a go! Connie and Sabrina meet with each person, and a course of treatment is decided upon, as well as duration of treatment. There will always be some hands-on therapy, even on the first visit. Generally, the longer you have had the problem, the more visits you will have. Each visit lasts from 30 minutes to an hour.

We are a ministry. We desire for everyone who needs care to receive it. To cover our expenses, we have a $100 suggested donation. Some can not give the full amount, others can give more, and there are those, who at this time in their lives, can give nothing. That is why we have our Go Fund Me account set up. Here is the link, if you have the same heart for caring for the needs of others as we do.  We would love for you to be a part of our ministry!!

So, this leap year, what are you doing? Are you sitting around hoping for the pain to go away? Are you waiting for the doctor to prescribe another pill? Maybe surgery is the next step? Or are you calling Dynamics of Healing (414.764.2871) and taking care of the problem at its source? I know which one I would choose. Oh, wait! I already did that!!

From small business to ministry …

Welcome to the first of many blogs for Dynamics of Healing!! I am not sure what to expect, or where the blogs will be taking us, but I’m sure, together, we will enjoy the ride! Here is what I am expecting: stories of everyday people with everyday ailments being healed, stories of joy, stories of sadness and stories that will pull at our heart strings. (Boy, I hope my writing can live up to the hype!) Mostly, let’s expect updates of what is happening at Dynamics of Healing.

Here is some trivia for you: Dynamics of Healing was not always Dynamics of Healing. It was formerly named Dynamics of Function. When it was known by its former monicker the clinic ran solely as a place to come for physical therapy. As the clinic grew, and as the people who worked in the clinic grew, so did their vision. The vision slowly started to take in the whole person: mind, body and spirit. An understanding of the whole person was beginning to emerge, and how the three were linked together. When anyone of the three are out of whack, it creates an opening for pain and illness. It was our desire to help bring people to their fullest level of healing rather than just functioning in life.

Dynamics of Healing is not a small business, it is a ministry. It is of the utmost importance to us that everyone receive the best care possible, no matter how much money they have or whether or not they have insurance. For these reasons we have removed the obstacles of insurance and money. How can this be, you might ask?

We run our ministry on the kindness and generosity of our patients and people who have the same heart for caring for others that we do. If you would like to be a part of our ministry you can contribute by way of our Go Fund Me account.

It has been a year since we changed over to this way of running the clinic. While it has not been completely smooth sailing during this year, we have grown in our dependence of God. It is only with Him guiding and reassuring us that we have even made it this far. During this past year there have been many obviously God given blessings of both money and healing. People who should not be walking are walking, necks that should not be turning are turning, and people who saw themselves as disabled have a new lease on life. This is what comes from, trusting and believing God when he says, “I got this!”

The phones are ringing off the hook. Between our scheduled appointments and walk-ins many people are seen everyday. The word is spreading about the healing and peace felt here. Come experience it for yourself!

~Trista Vnuk