What To Be…

When you were a wee child, what did you dream of being when you grew up? Have you even grown up yet?? (Me, I’m still holding on to my belief that I’ll be young forever…riiight!)

Very few childhood dreams come true. Also, not many of us find out what we really want to be until we grow up. Now, with all the adult responsibilities resting on our shoulders, it’s a nightmarish thought to start down a new path.  Not only can this decision be scary, but it can also be confusing!

To try to take the confusion out of deciding what is really best for you to do with your adult life, there have been many tests produced. Let’s face it, those tests work about as well as the Facebook personality/job quizzes we take for fun!! You get a laugh out of it, but would you really want to do what the quiz told you to do??  More than likely, most of us took our Adolescent Vocational Aptitude Test and found out what we were going to steer away from! I remember having a big laugh at what my test informed me what I should do with the rest of my life!!

Too Many Choices…

Then there’s the possibility of having too many things you want to be, or are good at.

Back to me again.

I went to Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and graduated with a BFA in photography. (Money well spent there…) Currently I do work as an Interior Decorator and I love to create 3D artwork. But hey! I take really nice pictures of my work!  All of my dabbling in the arts has taken me down an unexpected path. I am now doing what I know I was meant for. I am bringing healing to people. Through gathering and introducing people to Dynamics of Healing I feel more useful and purposeful than I have ever felt in my life. Never in a million years did I think decorating for Sabrina at Dynamics would bring me to this conclusion. I have been helped so much by Connie and Sabrina, that I want everyone to experience the same healing that has been given to me.



If you’ve been to the clinic, and been on the receiving end of the healing hands of either Connie or Sabrina, you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that they are doing what they were made for!! No question about it. They have the gift of healing!! If you haven’t been to the clinic yet, BOY, ARE YOU MISSING OUT!! So maybe you don’t feel there is anything medically wrong with you. Maybe you think that coming to the clinic is for people who have been sent by a doctor. Or, maybe you’re waiting until you really hurt, and then you won’t have a choice. Well, whichever describes you best, just make the decision to come in and feel better! You won’t regret it!!


I see a pattern forming here. It’s all about timing!! If I had been told in high school that my true heart lies in helping others to find health and healing, I would have laughed in the face of the person telling me. Not to mention, I am all about art. Creating art. Seeing art. Collecting art. I had to be lead down a pathway that took me to where I am. Art was the carrot that kept me moving along my path. As a child I dreamed of being an artist. I wanted my work to hang in galleries all over the world. I was very focused on me. God used my interests to open my eyes to the hurting world around me, and that I want to help everyone in it. Let’s face it, art is great! But can it change your life? Maybe. Can it give you hope? Possibly. Can it give you healing? No. Can it give you health? I don’t think so. God took His time getting me here, but I’m thankful he did!

I heard a wonderful story today about a woman who loves to provide happiness and comfort to the elderly using her beautiful singing voice and playing dominos. It blesses them and cheers them up. In turn, she receives great joy and satisfaction. So much so, she wishes she had started earlier. But I think if she had, it would not have given her the joy she is receiving now. She is retired and has the time to do it. Before retiring, she might have found spending time with the elderly to be a chore or an added responsibility that she just could not undertake. Any joy she gained would be tarnished by the guilt of taking time away from family or work. This is her time to bless others, pure and simple.

Time can be cruel. Time can go miserably slow, or it can go so fast it will make your head spin. Unfortunately we cannot control time. We have to do the best with what time we have.

That being said, I want you to think about how you would like to spend your time. Do you see yourself doing what you would like to do? Do you see yourself doing what you know you should do? If you are, great!! If not, why is that? If it is simply because you hurt too much to do so, we can help you with that!!  It is what we were made to do. Let us do this for you!!